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HAAWK provides a suite of software and services for the management of 3rd party IP in user-generated content and the distribution of content to digital media streaming services and retailers.


We provide IP recognition, licensing, distribution, and rights administration services to copyright holders and enable the monetization of user content across numerous platforms.

The HAAWK team’s previous ventures include AdRev/AudioMicro, a content monetization service acquired by Zealot Networks in 2015, and Base79, a multi-platform rights management firm acquired by Rightster in 2014.

YouTube Content ID

HAAWK works to find each and every YouTube video using your music and authorizes YouTube to place advertisements before, over, alongside and after those videos.

We collect ad revenue from YouTube and pay you a very healthy percentage of the earnings. By partnering with HAAWK, you’ll gain valuable insight into the usage of your music on YouTube and gain control over which videos are allowed to remain up and which videos you’d like to take down. Having pioneered the YouTube rights management space, HAAWK’s team brings years of experience with YouTube and can also assist with placing your music into more YouTube videos and promoting your music to YouTube creators. In addition to music, HAAWK works with audiovisual rights holders including TV production companies and film studios to protect, monetize, and promote their content on YouTube.

Rights Management

In addition to YouTube Content ID, HAAWK protects and monetizes videos and music (both sound recordings and compositions) posted to Facebook (via FB Rights Manager), Vimeo (via Audible Magic), and SoundCloud.

Whether you’re a label, publisher, production music library, TV producer, or film studio, HAAWK can handle your rights management needs with monetization, DMCA takedown administration, blocking, and tracking — all with detailed analytics and meticulous support.

Rights Management

Music Distribution


HAAWK flies your music to iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, Google Play, YouTube Music, Deezer, TIDAL, and more.

With HAAWK, there are NO upfront fees or annual recurring annual fees.

We work with high quality producers and offer a boutique, personal, and customizable music distribution experience.

We actively pitch and promote your music to generate featured placements within the iTunes store, Apple Music, and Spotify playlists as well as featured homepage takeovers.

HAAWK has advertising credits in place with Spotify and independent music feature spots available for consideration for with iTunes / Apple Music.

HAAWK’s team goes the extra mile to help your album get promoted and discovered, leading to increased fans, sales, and royalties.

Sync Licensing

The HAAWK music library, comprised of production music created by GRAMMY and Emmy winning composers, is pre-cleared for use in all productions — from YouTube videos and multi-channel networks (MCN), to fitness apps and in-store streaming.

We offer simple oAuth integration for YouTube MCNs under favorable blanket license agreements where you pay once and your creators then use the music as much as needed.

Contact us to get a license in place and begin downloading and using our pre-cleared music in your next production project.

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