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HAAWK (Helping All Assets With Knowledge) is a technology company that develops a suite of copyright management and monetization solutions for the global independent music industry:


SaaS products for catalog management and publishing administration (TuneRegistry) and the research and identification of unclaimed royalties and entitlements (RoyaltyClaim) to help creators and rights-holders succeed globally.

HAAWK also operates a best in class copyright monitoring and monetization platform for user-generated content websites like YouTube and Facebook, including a service branch to assist copyright holders with large volume catalogs.

YouTube Content ID

HAAWK works to find each and every YouTube video using your music and authorizes YouTube to place advertisements before, over, alongside and after those videos.

We collect ad revenue from YouTube and pay you a very healthy percentage of the earnings. By partnering with HAAWK, you’ll gain valuable insight into the usage of your music on YouTube and gain control over which videos are allowed to remain up and which videos you’d like to take down. Having pioneered the YouTube rights management space, HAAWK’s team brings years of experience with YouTube and can also assist with placing your music into more YouTube videos and promoting your music to YouTube creators. In addition to music, HAAWK works with audiovisual rights holders including TV production companies and film studios to protect, monetize, and promote their content on YouTube.

Catalog Management & Publishing Administration

HAAWK's TuneRegistry catalog management and music publishing administration platform enables Do-It-Yourself (DIY) musicians and independent rights-holders to be their own publisher and streamline the administration of their catalog.

Whether you’re a solo artist, band, label, publisher, production music library, or distributor TuneRegistry is your one-stop shop solution for catalog management and music publishing with integrated registrations to music rights organizations (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, Music Reports Inc., Harry Fox Agency) and the metadata delivery to data services (e.g. Gracenote, TiVo, MediaNet, Crunch Digital, Audible Magic, ACRCloud).

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Unclaimed Royalties

HAAWK's RoyaltyClaim is the world's first publicly accessible online aggregated database of unclaimed entitlements such as music royalties and licenses. Rights-holders can search millions of so-called "black box" royalties records and receive actionable insight on how and where to claim entitlements.

We conduct extensive research into the global music licensing ecosystem to procure data regarding unclaimed music entitlements and to determine the significance of such data to rights-holders.

Our mission is to aid in providing transparency that creates access to information that has an economic impact on music creators and rights-holders around the world.

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